お客様よりお土産いただきました!~Souvenirs from our guest!~2017.07.07

有り難いことに、当宿にはリピーターでいらっしゃるお客様もいて、感動の再会を果たすこともあるんですよ…!今日は、スタッフみんなでお菓子パーティーにさせていただきます( ^ω^ )
This is souvenirs from our guest! He stays at Nagomi Ryokan in this season every year.
We really appreciate that some people come to our ryokan again! We are going to hold a snack party today!!



この寒い時期の京都の楽しみ方~Let’s enjoy Kyoto’s events in winter !~2017.01.20



期間 1/28(土)~2/4(土)

It was snow day last weekend and has recently continued cold day in Kyoto. However, we’d like you to know awesome events which can enjoy only in this season. It’s “The snow lantern of Kayabuki village” which is located in Miyama city, Kyoto. This event has been held every winter season. You could enjoy night view decorated with some lanterns of participants’s own making and famous flower lantern which run along in Arashiyama. There are special food courts and traditional house lit up there. Check it out!


Date :January 28th- February 4th


スタッフお勧めの居酒屋紹介 @四条河原町付近~Enjoy “Izakaya” at Kyoto~2016.12.25

今年も残暑が厳しいですが、いかがお過ごしでしょうか。こんな中恋しくなるのは、”ビール”ですよね。そこで、ビールも無論、お酒にぴったりな料理を提供してくれるお店を紹介します。 ”京色”さんです。京都の雰囲気漂う情緒深い内装。また、料理一品一品のクオリティーが非常に高く、舌鼓を打つ事間違いなし。府外から観光でお越しのお客様、また京都にお住いで新しい素敵なお店を探されている方、是非お立ち寄りあれ!!



Welcome to our website. The topic of this month is our recommended “Izakaya”.

The meaning of “Izakaya” is Japanese style’s bar. It’s really sweltering in Kyoto these days, so I would like you to try Japanese cuisine with nice cold Sake and Japanese draft beer as well. The name of the awesome Izakaya is “Kyoshoku” near to the Shizyo-Kawaramati station where is easily accessible from somewhere. There is a lot of high quality Japanese cuisine there and you could feel Japanese traditional atmosphere from inside of building. However it’s very reasonable.Check it out!


床の季節がやってきました!”Yuka” season has come!2016.12.21




“Yuka” is large wooden platforms along Kamo River in downtown. You can enjoy this traditional experience from May to September.

If you are in Kyoto now, this is the best time to go! Yuka opens for lunch only in May and September because it gets too hot in the middle of summer. Not only Japanese restaurant but also some casual café open Yuka nowadays, so you can enjoy more casually. Do not miss this time


明けましておめでとうございます。- Happy New Year-2016.12.17











Happy New Year!

It has passed a half month since the New Year, 2016, started.

How have you been doing so far this year?

In Japan, we normally eat food called “Osechi” on New Year days.

The photo is attached for your reference.

Family members assemble at home and have it in a relaxing time.

Japanese people tend to gain their weights then due to overeat!

We will now realize our gain and need to smoothly get back to the normal diet….

Anyway, we will wait for your stay and sharing an enjoyable time with you.


高台寺 紅葉 ~Let’s see autumn leaves at Kodaizi temple~2016.12.15


価格:大人600円 中学生300円


We could feel that the climate is changed from summer to autumn these days so it’s really comfortable to hang out in Kyoto. We Japanese have a kind of custom to see autumn leaves in fall. When you come here in this season, it might be nice idea to see it. The name of place which we stuff recommend seeing is “Kodaizi temple” because you would enjoy to see autumn leaves lighted up at night. It’s very stunning view. Check it out!

Price: Adult 600yen /Child(under15)300yen

Access: It takes about 17mins to get there from Kyoto station by bus of number 206.


紅葉シリーズ~Autumn leaves in Kyoto vol 2~2016.12.15









Welcome to our blog. Today we will again introduce a temple which is the best place to see autumn leaves in Kyoto. The name of a temple is “Tofuku-ji”. It’s going to start to see it from November 1st. Because of the location, the color of leaves turns yellow slowly than others in Kyoto, that’s why it’s called “the last autumn leaves in autumn season at Kyoto” by local people. It would be good idea to get there to see it. Check it out!


Date:November 1st to December 4th

Time: 8:30am to 4pm

Entrance fee: Main one for adult 500yen,child 300yen

The others are costed every 400 yen

Access: ①After getting off the JR or Keihan’s “Tofukuji” station, it takes about 10mins on foot to get there.

②After getting off the city bus stop named “Tofukuji”, it’s same as above.



朝風呂から始まる素敵な一日♪~Let's start your day from hot bath tub~2016.12.15


Have you ever tried public bath in Japan? There is a famous public bath called “Hakuzan-Yu” just few minutes away from our reception. This bath house has an open air bath (for ladies only), so that you could enjoy taking bath in a fresh morning air.

Guess how wonderful your day will be if you start your day from taking hot bath watching beautiful morning sunshine.. This precious bath time makes your day much better than usual.

*Note it’s open for the morning only in weekends*


~アンティーク着物で京都を満喫♪~Let’s enjoy wearing kimono in Kyoto~2016.12.15





Look at these beautiful ladies wearing kimono! Why not come and visit us to experience colorful and pretty kimono to explore Kyoto. It definitely will be a great memory!!! Check out our website and book in advance.


2300 yen/person (Just to experience kimono and take photos.)

6000 yen/person (You can wear kimono and go out to explore the city.)


イルミネーション@京都 ~Let’s enjoy the illumination in Kyoto~2016.12.14








Welcome to our staff’s blog. Today we introduce illumination which is the one of the famous one around Kansai area. It’s called “Irumie-ru” which have been held for 5 years in Nantan city, Kyoto. The concept in this year is a combination of “Wa” whichi is Japanese culture and illumination. There is also hot spring nearby, so you could be feeling romantic and warm as well. It’s really great place to enjoy weekend.


Access: JR Sonobe station there are compliment bus from this station to there.

Fee: Adult 1200 yen Children 1000yen

Time: 4:30pm to 9:30pm